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Ritual Tiger Dance Troupe Visited High Schools in Sacramento (on Sep. 13-15, 2009, CA time.)

A ritual tiger dance troupe from Matsuyama Seiryo High School
visited Foothill High School and Grant Union High Schoo in Sacramento.
The members participated in an international dance performances at
Grant High Cafeteria on Sep. 13, 2009. They visited Foothill High
on Sep. 14 and attended the school assembly. They also participated
in a school assembly at Grant High on Sep. 15. Later in the afternoon
they visited Sacramento City Hall and met Mayor Kevin Johnson.
You can see a movie clip from Internatinal Dance Performances at Grant Cafeteria here. @1800k

You can see a movie clip from Foothill High Assembly here. @1800k

You can see a movie clip from Grant High Assembly here. @1800k