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A special video conference celebrating the 25th anniversary was held. (on Aug. 29, 2006, CA time.)

The sister cities pact was signed on Aug. 17, 1981 at
the community center, Sacramento. We welcomed the 25th
anniversary this year and had a special video conference,
commemorating the anniversary. Prof. Miki, chairman for the
Sacramento Matsuyama Sister City Corporation talked with
Mr. Ralph Sugimoto, chairman for the Matsuyama Sacramento
Sister City Corporation. Then, Mr. Yoshihito Yamataka, principal
at Dogo Junior High School had a conference with Mr. Greg Purcell,
principal of Sutter Middle School, Sacramento. At the end of
the conference Mr. Douglas Huscher, new principal at Matsuyama
Elementary School where the conference took place gave a greeting.
You can see the memorial video conference here. 56k | 384k